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Our Team Members

Daniel La Rue                                    -Licence builder        15420417

Fonzie                                                 -Team leader/ Handyman

Misty                                                   -Admin/Sales & Communications

Indy                                                     -Indy cleaning services/ Quality Assurance (inspection of work)

Allan James                                       -Site visits/ quotes & Communications


7to7 Bathrooms Pty Ltd

QBCC Licence 15420417

Picture of DANIEL LA RUE


My Son-in- law. Licensed builder, Daniel is the cornerstone of 7to7 bathrooms, I’ve known Daniel many many years, he did his apprenticeship through Bega training, there he learned his skill to be the tradesman he is today, fast forward a few years, Today he leads the 7to7 team who are second to none. QBCC Licence 15420417

Picture of FONZIE


Fonzie, our team leader, our go to man, our can do what ever needs done. Fonzie came to us couple years ago and now is a full time employee, Fonzie will be the first person you meet as he does the stripping ( remove items and accessories as you would see in your quote,) Fonzie also assists Daniel in all aspects of their work, from stripping to sheeting and fit off's Fonzie is an important part of 7to7 team, he is part of the reason 7to7 has the best team, he is always willing to go the extra mile.

Picture of MISTY


Misty is the communicative heartbeat of 7to7 Bathrooms, ensuring your messages always find a listening ear. As the primary contact for all client communications, she bridges the gap between you and our on-site teams, Misty handle admin work from signing contracts to ensuring all paper is complete. Misty is also the Selection Centre sales consultant, when you call in to our Selection Centre you will be greeted by a smiling Misty who will assist you to make the right decision, Misty has on hand two builders to call on should customers have any building question, Misty can assure you that the process from organising the quote, assist with selection, ordering all items and accessories and organising the delivery to site what need when it needs, this ensure a smooth running of your project. Select-Supply- Install HOW GOOD!

Picture of INDY SANTOS


INDY CLEANING SERVICES AND QUALITY ASSURANCE. (inspection of work) Indy is an indispensable part of our team, handling the essential task of the quality assurance, upon arriving Indy does a thorough inspection of the work to ensure the quality you expect prior to hand over, Indy will then proceed to carry out hand over cleaning to ensure customers have a shining spotless new bathroom to enjoy. Indy cleaning services is part of what makes 7to7 the great team that it is. Eye for detail- Quality assurance- Hand over cleaning-- . HOW GOOD!

Former owner


Allan James Santos, Allan has over 30 yeas experience in the building game, starting out as a TA (tradesman assistant) he moved to QLD in early 2002 and started the journey that 7to7 bathrooms is today, his passion for success and desire to succeed he drives the tradesman to be the best they can be, with the motto of ( 1% makes a difference) and his adaptation of ( good better best never let it rest until your good is better and your better is THE best) a team that you the customer can be proud in saying, 7to7 bathroom did ours and we are so glad they did. having a passion for all things bathrooms, owner of 7to7 bathrooms however, being the Old Man of the team you will find Allan's only task these days is site visits, meeting up with customers, quoting and slowly stepping aside and let the Daniel's and Fonzie's take over, you can be assured you are in good hands, Over the years Allan has built a team that to be proud of, when dealing with 7to7 you can be assured and expect high standards and high quality workmanship. QBCC Licensees Alan James Santos License # 1062579 Daniel La Rus License # 15072152

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